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ThinkFaculty – Business Consultancy Group

With over 7000 satisfied customers and counting, ThinkFaculty is the most complete and trusted business services company in the market!

Business Consultants

Business Consultants are facilitators and activators for service enhancements and business development. Business Consultancy enables businesses to grow to new frontiers. Hiring us as your business consultants will enable your businesses to learn about new ideas and formulas to grow business online. Businesses require a definitive approach to generating revenue streams on-line. ThinkFaculty has a successful track record of building, enhancing and sustaining on-line revenue niches for a variety of markets including healthcare, services, training and products specific to the Asian markets.[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row]

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ThinkFaculty Company is your premium business consultant partners in online revenue creation. ThinkFaculty also provides specific services to the Pakistan market

We plant, water and grow the seeds of positivity, growth, momentum, drive and sustenance. Our vision is to enable minds to Think. Enabling minds to explore new horizons, limitless opportunities and developing leaders for the challenges of tomorrow!
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Business Consultancy Services

Basically, we are a one stop shop for a variety of different goods and services. As business management consultants, we have been creating and enhancing revenues for a variety of different markets. For example, in Pakistan, if you need quality and best rates on insurance, simply call us and get the best rates in Pakistan. We have different insurance companies we deal with that will fight to get you the best deals. We are here to serve your needs and are the aggregator for insurance, solar panels, and lawyers.

In addition, our organization has a strong focus and commitment towards training and development. Our group comprises of international leaders who have the expertise and knowledge to impart quality leadership, management and customer service trainings. Our objective as a top business consultant firm in Asia is to build our customer service and revenue streams through process re-engineering and implementing online marketing strategies.

Further more, our SEO / SEM company provides the unique solution of creating niche markets, developing revenue streams and providing the best online social media experience to our valued customers.

Business Development requires a comprehensive analysis of all the online keywords, competitive advantage creation, competition analysis, website creation and customer life-cycle approach. We have been working on providing key business development strategies and responsible for the execution of top-level and mid-tier companies in Asia.

ThinkFaculty is a unique international business consultancy company that provides a variety of different service offerings to the Asian and Pakistan market. It is the sole distributor of solar products, insurance and law services. It also has a large team dedicated to training and development as well as search engine optimization and search engine marketing. There are many other key services we offer as top professional business consultants.


Below are the business consultation services offering:[/fusion_text]

Training and Development

ThinkFaculty provides development training on a variety of core disciplines and professional certifications. We are market leaders in project management training, ITIL certification and customer service training. Our training classes have assisted, developed and enhanced the careers of thousands of professionals around the world.

Health Care Services

ThinkFaculty believes in providing quality healthcare services at your residence. Please contact us for any health related treatment. We provide door step services for ailing patients. If you require any blood sampling, histopathology,

Legal Services

Premium Legal services, income tax lawyers, income tax returns, professional lawyers all available to help you and guide you in all legal matters of Law.

solar energy services

Solar Energy

Countries like India, Pakistan, Egypt and many African countries have a natural resource of solar energy. Solar Energy is an affordable energy resource where electricity is scarce. Competitive Solar Energy products and services available.

insurance package services thinkfaculty

Insurance Service

Call us and obtain the most competitive insurance service rates in the nation. We compare the car, health and other insurances to provide you with the best market share.

social media services thinkfaculty

SEM Consultancy

The world has become global. Global outreach programs are required to build tracks and roads into the international domains. Companies are moving towards on-line market share. Let our experts show you how to win.

Our Service Offering to You

Testimonials from Our Valued Customers

” Our organization was looking for a place where we can gather the right information regarding personal and business insurance. And this was the best site we got. The customer service team gave us the best premium rates for all insurance coverages. Recommend them to all ” – Mrs. Ali Tauqeer, Islamabad, NGO

“We love Pakistan and visit it each year to meet family and friends. However, the electricity conditions have become bleak. And the best solution was the solar panel service for our house and farm-house. We looked around but got the best online price from ThinkFaculty. Recommend them to all!” – Mr. Zaidi, Karachi, Business

“I have simply loved the training session. It gave us momentum, speed, and a comprehensive understanding of the best practices and values required to deliver quality customer service. The trainer and training was amazing!” – Ayesha, executive management, Eden Group of Companies

“We are a focused and dedicated team of experts. We need to go through a comprehensive analysis to properly deliver quality. We were simply mesmerized by the training session and recommend it to all the members of the education community” – Haris, teacher, Beaconhouse School System

Our Unbeatable Commitment of Service Excellence

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