Top Advantages of Project Management Learning 

6 Core Benefits of PMP Certification 

There are 6 key reasons for professionals to pursue a PMP certification: [/fusion_builder_column]

  • Job Security

  • In such a competitive market world, international skill-sets are detrimental. With project management courses, professionals can now enjoy obtaining internationally recognized project management degrees by training and preparing from ThinkFaculty. The project management courses will offer you the unique opportunity to not only enhance your technical and professional skill-set but also become a core asset to the organization you work in.

  • Substantially better chances of getting employment

  • PMP is ever-evolving. Companies tend to hire professionals with accredited certifications for all project related jobs in the market. PMP certified professionals have 35% better changes of acquiring a job then a non-certified professional.PMP in Pakistan ThinkFaculty

  • Obtain International Brand Recognition

  • One of the top 5 internationally acclaimed certifications of excellence recognized throughout the world. Professionals are always moving forward in developing their value add to the community. One great aspiration for many young talented individuals is to focus and become successful. And one of the ways of ensuring that these aspirations turn into reality is by obtaining International Brand Recognition awards and degrees. Project management certification heavily revolves around training, preparing and successfully passing the PMP Certification. Prepare yourself for the number 1 internationally recognized degree. PMP certification is the best decision a professional can do in his or her career. Majority of IT Professionals pursue a PMP Certification.

  • New Opportunity

  • Whenever you bring forth a specific skill-set you enable yourself to penetrate into new frontiers and avenues. PMP Certification is available at ThinkFaculty Company, a leading IT training institute in Asia. Our specialists focus on developing your aptitude and mindset to prepare and pass the PMP Certification. Many of our students have gone onto running and being part of new opportunities since they now have the skill-set to develop and enhance larger teams and projects. Companies tend to provide additional responsibilities to employees who have demonstrated PMP certification.

  • Sustainability of Quality of Service and Product DeliveryMarket-Leader

  • Sustain quality of service through systemic reporting and analysis and implementation of core best practices that have a direct impact on the bottom line. Companies run by PMP experts have remarkably been able to sustain revenue as   compared to companies not led by certified experts. Project management will essentially be linked directly with the quality and product delivery. Knowing the best practices in the PMP market is a benefit to the entire economy.

  • Sense of Achievement

  • Passing the PMP examination is one of the biggest accomplishment in the career pathway. Being a PMP goes a long way in communicating your dedication, commitment and zeal towards international standards and bench-marks.

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