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Advantages of Project Management

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Top Advantages of Project Management Learning  6 Core Benefits of PMP Certification  There are 6 key reasons for professionals to pursue a PMP certification: [/fusion_builder_column] Job Security In such a competitive market world, international skill-sets are detrimental. With project management courses, professionals can now enjoy obtaining internationally recognized project management degrees by training and preparing [...]

What is Project Management

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What is Project Management? 5 stars - 43 reviews Project Management is defined as the processes, procedures, people, and technology that clearly is responsible for the successful implementation of a project in a timely and cost-effective way. PMP Project Management is a process driven framework of continuous delivery of solutions [...]

Project Management Methodology

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Project Management Methodology by Zyma Arsalan Project Management Methodologies enable Project Management Professionals to adapt to a variety solutions depending upon the scenario. The beauty is that the PMP Certification and PMP Training is not rigid. In fact, the complete opposite. In enables you to learn various methods to solve particular issues. Let me give you [...]

leadership management

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Leadership and Management Leadership and Management is key to the overall success of any organization. People that work in organizations have been categorized into different segments and types based upon the studies done and the outcomes of the research. Typically, a manager is an important asset to any company, organization and institute. The ability of [...]

leadership empowerment

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Leadership Empowerment – Training and Development Need Leadership Empowerment is the true need of training and development in Pakistan. One of the major issues facing the leadership in Pakistan is the empowerment issue. People tend to become prone to dictate the vision and the goals, and believe that the people will conquer based upon their own [...]

Is your Organization emanating the Customer Service Smile?

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Is your Organization emanating the Customer Service Smile? by Zyma Arsalan Customer Service Smile - The real hallmark of any organization, Institute, or service segment really begins with a smile. A smile that could mean 1 million words. As for best international practices, smile demonstrates a philosophy. Smiles demonstrates a reality. The reality simply is governed [...]

what leaders are made of

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What Leaders Are Made Of By paying close attention to the pictures alluding to a solace and tranquil valley side environment before the utmost cataclysmic shock that permeated into the very beatings of our hearts, one can find contempt and a cold-blooded prosperity oozing from the eyes of our beautiful children. The valley forged an [...]

customer satisfaction

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Customer Satisfaction Customer satisfaction comes through a variety of different processes and procedures. But the most important ingredient to success is the mindset associated with the team or organization that is delivering customer service. Over our course of training customer service programs to a variety of different organizations across the globe, we have come to [...]

customer relationship management

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Customer relationship management Case Study Customer relationship management is basically defined as the processes and procedures that create a financial and customer centric value system. Customer relationship management can be used and implemented across all fields of study. In fact, customer relationship management is also used in a variety of different industries and segments of [...]

9 leadership qualities that change the world

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9 leadership qualities that change the world Many of times it is not only essential to be leading a group of people. In fact, other leadership characteristics and qualities are associated with becoming a great leader. You might be on the first train to nowhere. Leadership is all changing the world inside out. So let's begin [...]

11 Useful Project Management Tools

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11 Useful Project Management Tools Projects require that you are up-to-date with the latest and greatest project management tools that are readily available in the market. So let us share with you our experiences. There is a huge variety of project management applications and tools out there and we are here to list down the top [...]

10 ways to user solar energy

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The 10 Best Ways You Can Use Solar Energy in Your Home Solar energy is defined as the ultimate solar power that is derived from the sun. Typically solar panels are used to obtain the solar energy and utilize it for various benefits. There is an initial cost for all of the components [...]

advantages and disadvantages of solar energy

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy Let's begin by discussing the main advantages of solar energy in Pakistan: Intensive energy supply - Solar power is one of the commodities that tend to never run out. Clean and Safe - unlike other resources that create waste, solar power is clean and safe. Seamless technology - [...]

Need for Software Project Management

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7 Critical Reasons why There is Always going to be a Need for software project management processes Is there really a need for software project management and its relevant processes? This is a question that we get a bit too often in our seminars, speeches, conferences and even trainings. Many software engineers tend [...]