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ITIL Online Training Program

ITIL Online Training Program is a 1 day bootcamp. Professionals who want to get a basic understanding of ITIL framework should enroll today!

Course Description

ITIL Online Course is a 1 day course outlining the entire ITIL framework and its associated degrees.

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ThinkFaculty ITIL Online Training Program

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Who Should Attend the Class?

Online ITIL Classes are for individuals who cannot physically be available. These individuals and professionals can log into class room through online media platforms. ITIL Online Program targets individuals who need to be educated and can use the online experience to be connected and take advantage of a premium class room instructor. Professionals who are interested in pursuing an ITIL degree or who want to better understand the dynamics of  the entire ITIL framework.

ITIL Course Online Over View

  • Introduction to the ITIL framework
  • Discuss all the core components of each ITIL examination
  • Discuss the best ways to prepare for the ITIL examination. And decide what one is the best for the particular candidate
  • Introduce how ITIL framework can benefit organizations and individuals

Outcomes of the ITIL Online Course

  • Become acquainted with the ITIL framework
  • Decide what to pursue in terms of ITIL certifications
  • ITIL best practices to implement

ITIL Online Course Cost

1 day class the cost is Rs. 15,000 per student. The cost varies if there is a group setting or a corporate requires the service and training.

ITIL Online Course Prerequisites 

  • 1-3 years of experience in IT.