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Call Center Interview Questions and Answers

The call center job market in Asia has grown exponentially. Over the last 10 years, more and more jobs are now readily available for fresh graduates to join the call center market. Small to large tier organizations are now starting their own customer service centers to provide exclusive call center service management to their valued customers. Call center interview questions and answers are the main mandate to get jobs. Hence understanding the type of questions are key.

Since the call center job market is one of the easiest jobs available to the fresh graduates, it is imperative to prepare for the basic interview. Here, we are with you to share the top seven most common call center interview questions and the relevant answers. This is based upon years of study and providing contact center consultancy to a variety of large and small tier organizations all across the world. Use our knowledge to get yourself a job in the exciting world of the contact center and call center operations and industry.

We will not provide you with the typical answers that people typically state to these questions since many of them would not be relevant or make sense. So irrespective of the answers that you have been preparing yourself for, simply utilize the below mentioned sheet as the standard of excellence. formulate your owners, but we recommend that you utilize our value and knowledge. This is coming from the experts.


Tell me something about yourself?

This is a very simple question. You can elaborate on the main focal points. In fact the person asking the question is giving you an open-ended role to share your most important attributes. The recommendation is to talk about your educational qualification and the skill sets that you have. Talk about communication skills and interpersonal skills. Since you’re applying for a contact center job, it is relevant to use buzzwords or relevant experience that is similar to the context center environment. Talk about the fact that you enjoy talking to customers and resolving issues. These are the basic ingredients that many of the companies will be looking for. call center interview questions and answers always start with this type of question. So learn this as an art form immediately.

Why do you want to work in the call center industry?

This particular question is actually asking you to demonstrate your skills for a contact center job. You need to actually be certain as to the main points you want to tell the particular person. For example we recommend that you talk about your inclination towards customer service. And give examples of where you believe that you can add value in terms of your ability to communicate and resolve customer issues. Enjoy talking to customers about products and services. These kind of answers will certainly get you to the next question.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

This is a very typical kind of question. This is a question that will try to put you into jeopardy. However you need to act cool and provide a stimulus as to what your strengths and weaknesses are. And yes it is okay to communicate your weaknesses. A weakness could be that you put into many extra hours and do not keep your body and mind healthy. Being excessively hard-working could also have a toll on your health. The strength should be talking about customer centricity and your mindset to deliver customer service value. Again you need to concentrate more on your strength than your weaknesses.


Why do you want to work for us?

This type of question requires that you’ve done your homework. It is always highly recommended that you learn about the organization and its value add to the community. It is even better if you know someone who can provide you with an insight scoop. If you’re able to state specific answers to why you would want to work in a particular company you’ve already won the race. Specifically in the contact center environment, you can actually use and demonstrate your skills that match the requirements of the job.


Where do you see yourself five years from now?

This question is not to find out what you really want to be but wants to judge if you are a visionary and have planned out your career as well. The better answer to this is to state that with your skill set and expertise, you like to grow within the company. Exceptional people always get exceptional positions. And this is the type of positioning that you would like to provide to the person asking the questions.


What is your idea of quality customer service?

This question again requires you to actually go through a variety of different documents and definitions regarding customer service. It is highly recommended that you read through quality customer service experiences and the different trends for that particular industry. You should have specific knowledge of customer service and its operational level requirements. The better perspective is to give and highlight trends that are unique in the industry. This would give them an understanding that you are versatile and also have a comprehensive understanding of the industry

Call Center Interview Questions Answers
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