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Call Center Training

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Call Center Training encompasses a variety of different modules. This depends upon the training needs and requirements of the organizations. Call Center Training is taught by the leading expert in the field of customer service and call center operations. This particular type of training is dedicated for all segments of the market that have call center operations.

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Training Description
Call Center Training comprises of soft skills training, customer service methods, customer engagement modules, customer service index parameter evaluation matrix and best international standards of communication to customers.

Call Center Training Modules

Center Training includes the following core modules:

trained call center advocates bringing quality of work to the marketInbound Call Center Training

Outbound Call Center Training

Call Center Customer Service Training

Supervisor Call Center Training



Inbound Call Center Training

Inbound Call Center Operations require a dedicated, committed, customer focused and energetic team of individuals to run the operations. Starting from the teams that take the calls to the supervisors and managers that manage the floor, inbound call center training is all about best practices, international standards of excellence and guaranteed methods to run the inbound contact center operations effectively and smoothly.

Outbound Call Center Training

Outbound Call Center Training encompasses a variety of different specialized skills depending upon the goals and objectives. Outbound Call Center Operations can be for courtesy management, customer retention or even campaign management. Depending upon the Outbound call center operation requirements, our team provides a dedicated and comprehensive call center training program.

Call Center Customer Service Training

Call Center Customer Service Training is about inbound and outbound call center operations. The call center customer service training encompasses clearly defining the customer service index, customer service life cycle and customer service engagement. The Call Center Customer Service Training also teaches how to engage with customers through online call center methods.

Supervisor Call Center Training

Supervisors are the main building and execution blocks of any call center operations. Their value, recognition and impact can be immediately felt. Hence, it is mandatory to have the supervisors engaged in the supervisor call center training. This supervisor call center training program highlights best techniques to handle people, communication skills, basic management level expertise methods. Supervisors get to know the best international standards of excellence.

Call Center Training Expertise

Our main trainer has led the call center operations for a variety of different organizations in Asia, USA and Canada. He brings forth a rich, diverse and unique experience in training call centers that is not available in this region.

Call Center Training Pricing

Call Center Training Pricing is dependent upon the training needs and objectives set.

“Call Center Training is about customer engagement, quality communication and clear objective delivery. I was really impressed by the trainer and the training content. It was exceptional.” – Ms. Samia, Eden Housing Group of Companies[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]