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Let’s be completely practical. In today’s competitive market, qualifications are very important part in the roadmap of your success. In many instances, certifications become the last straw in your hat to bring forth that change and movement required. Everywhere, there is talent. But the question is regarding certified talent. However, time constraints and other activities keep professionals from meeting and exceeding their goals and objectives.

Also the competitive market has changed drastically. Currently, they are specific certifications for project managers and their different certifications for doctors. If you look at the United States alone, nurses and doctors also have to go through an extensive amount of training and certifications to keep themselves up to speed and up-to-date regarding the latest trends. While we were performing human resource management functionality for some clients in the Middle East, it was all about engineering certifications.

“It is simple as two plus two. Corporations and institutes are leading towards a more definitive approach to human excellence. It is no matter what the experience level is. You are successful if you got the talent and can prove it. This is the beauty of the talent hunt. As a recruitment specialist, I have seen much in terms of companies not hiring people simply because of lack of talent certifications. And that is sad really. But it is also encouraging. People need to realize the norm has change. Keep focused. Get the certifications.” Emily Cashione, HR Specialist


Top Certifications In the Market – Demand Pool

Since our organization is one of the top leading training forums of the country, we would like to share with you the latest certifications that professionals and young entrants to the market like to pursue.


Human resource management

Human resources is not the typical hiring and salary infrastructure management. In fact it has gone a long way in providing a variety of different services to the markets. Human resource management is also about human excellence and providing the best environments for the top level executives to perform in an effective and organized way. Human resource management talks about policies and procedures that further improve the efficiency of people and teams. Millions of dollars are spent by corporations around the world in training and developing their staff. They are numerous international and national human resource management applications tools and certifications that assist professionals in building their strengths. There are certain highly recommended human resource management training certifications that we recommend from Harvard and Stanford. These training programs actually offer a variety of different deck needs and methods that reflect quality and international standards.

However, if you do not have money or the international facilities available to take part in any of the courses, we also recommend IBA programs. The IBA programs are great and provide quality human resource management tips and methods.

” Human Management is a skill set that not everyone can easily control. I learnt it the hard way. After certain bumps in the road, I realized that my passion for human resource management is not enough. I need to move forward and accomplish new tasks. This is the name of the game. Hence, I got my specialization certification from IBA, and it changed my outlook and eventually my performance.” Mona, IBA graduate


Quality Management System

Irrespective of the markets that you pursue, quality becomes a very integral part of the effectiveness of the organization and the impact to the ultimate product. If you are in the service market then you will know that quality speaks volumes. Majority of the people might not know that quality is a measurable parameter. In order to better assess quality, it is really important to have an understanding of what quality is. Quality resource management is all about providing quality to development and infrastructure. Quality could also be about processes and procedures. Quality is a measurable parameter and needs to be allocated the importance in the development life cycle. It is critical for quality to be evaluated at all levels of the product and process life cycle.

We highly recommend that professionals go to their regional institutes that focus on quality. This is the main benefit. Without regional quality benefits, one cannot comprehend the true value. also, since quality is a standard, all organizations call and communicate the same pattern of excellence. It is not the training that is important but the knowledge transfer. This is the key to success. We recommend that you take a close look at the following main centres of excellence for quality management:

Quality Management Systems provide a unique mindset that is unparalleled in the market. Without the quality element, one cannot appreciate, measure and control quality.


Project Management

Project management is all about the precision and accuracy of starting, executing and closing out a project. Project management encompasses strategic organizations to manufacturing plants. Project managers really need to understand human resource management, risk management, optimize execution management and interconnectivity. Basically project management is all about facilitating the project and making sure that the project is done effectively, in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Project management is all about focus and commitment. You need specific skill sets to take on a project. In fact if you look all over the world, when it involves manufacturing and project delivery, professionals with a proper background in project management understand better the risks associated with the project. In fact, project managers with a certification project management tend to do better in a project in people with only experiences.

Project Management revolves around different markets. So, here is what we recommend for different market segments


Technical Certifications

Technical certifications also go a very long way in developing the skill sets of the community. There are a variety of different organizations that speak and integrate vocational skills with leadership skills. We have seen that many of the colleges and universities also play a strong role in development of the community skill-sets.  We highly recommend that people go for computer-based training programs to save time and cost. We recommend that you visit the following schools and colleges to get a better understanding of the technical areas of expertise:


Always remember that certifications will become an important and must element of your life. Irrespective of where you are in your technical field, we highly recommend that you become experts in the field of certifications.