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Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction comes through a variety of different processes and procedures. But the most important ingredient to success is the mindset associated with the team or organization that is delivering customer service. Over our course of training customer service programs to a variety of different organizations across the globe, we have come to a certain conclusion. Organizations that totally believe in customer satisfaction need to be totally engaged in the customer life-cycle management approach.

The customer life-cycle management quote starts even before the customer comes on board. Primarily, the processes and procedures need to be customer friendly. And the entire purpose is to have a customer centric organization. Let me give you the example of the telecom sector. If you want to actually get any broadband service, the procedure needs to be simple and easy. Not only that but the parameters associated with activation need to be practical. And most importantly, the parameters need to be combined with. Genuine customer service satisfaction smile is not the only guarantee.

The second step to customer satisfaction is typically putting the right people. People make all the difference. If you have an operation that has customer engagement, then make sure that customer satisfaction is directly proportional to the quality of people who are represented in your organization. Customer satisfaction should be measurable index. There shall be a variety of different tools and tasks that you can perform to calculate the customer service index.

The customer service index is to be a measurable commodity. And this customer service index will be measured across the board. Irrespective of the transaction and the number of visitors that come into play, customer service index will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how your overall customer satisfaction ratings are.

another important aspect is the surprise element. Simply surprise the customer. And you would see that the customer expectation ratings exponentially increases. Let me share with you a very recent survey. We went into a local restaurant and requested the waiters to not only thank the customers but also leaves them a coupon and extract chocolates before the check was being presented. None of the customers ever expected that a special discount will be given as well as chocolates. And the tips that were typically 5% or 10% exponentially grew to about 20 to 30%. This is the magic of customer expectations.


Another important tip is practicality. Customers do not hesitate to be treated as simple people. And enjoy the conversations accordingly. Being professional is on-site. But being very practical about one thing is another. Let me give you an example of an airline company. The airline companies simply communicates very clearly why a particular plane got delayed. In the customers are typically okay with that. But along with that practical approach you need to give definitive timelines and practical solution accordingly