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HealthCare Customer Service Training Program

ThinkFaculty Company is the only accredited training company in Pakistan whose healthcare customer excellence program is certified by the American Academy of Continuing Medical Education. We are proud to have been selected to train many of the highly esteemed and revered healthcare institutes in Pakistan. Some of our customers are Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital, Fatima Memorial Hospital,  and a variety of other regional healthcare players. Hundreds of doctors, healthcare specialists, front desk officers and patient care specialists have benefited from our recognized training program.

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HealthCare Customer Service Training Program

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HealthCare Industry Today

Providing quality customer service in a medical setting has a unique set of challenges. Maintaining a certain standard of healthcare service excellence is one of the major challenges for hospitals, pharmaceuticals and health care institutes all over the world. Healthcare providers are seeking new ways to enhance customer growth and provide unparalleled quality of service to all its customers. The service offerings and portfolios are all being targeted towards providing a unique quality user experience.

Numerous healthcare institutes, healthcare hospitals and clinics claim to have the best doctors and facilities. Yet, they lack the quality of service delivery required to maintain and sustain quality and a long-term name brand. Patients and customers expect the quality and service orientation specially when the cost of healthcare is exuberantly high. We at ThinkFaculty have assisted hospitals to create that special niche in the market.

The human experience is as critical as the technology expansions. Since the healthcare industry is a user experience, it is really important to ensure that you have the right people with the proper mindset interacting with new, current and potential customers.

HealthCare Training Program

The objective of the HealthCare Customer Excellence Training Program is to provide a unique set of tools, processes, and methodologies for the healthcare management and healthcare professionals that enable them to deliver quality and sustainable customer excellence. With this training program, healthcare practitioners will benefit from the knowledge of best practices and be able to practice standards that have been tested and implemented in all markets. As hospitals aligns its strategy, vision and long-term goals with the customer experience, ThinkFaculty is committed to closely working with healthcare professionals and healthcare management and provide them with the training to develop the tools and mindset to drive the customer experience to new heights and frontiers.

HealthCare Solution

The healthcare solution being presented by ThinkFaculty to train and align the healthcare community with the long-term goals and vision of a customer service centric experience is a tested model and has been implemented in a variety of different healthcare settings.
The model is specific for the healthcare industry and provides the following 5 stages of development and training.

  • Training Assessment – ThinkFaculty meets with each front end officer to gauge the quality of workmanship, personality traits and belief system that are ultimately responsible for providing the quality customer service experience.
  • Training Program – The Training Program will be customized to the needs and requirements of Al Razi HealthCare. The training assessment input will be used to create the training program.
  • Outcomes – A clear, precise and focused outcome and action plan will be given to each participant so that they are aware of the development needs that they need to work on.
  • Reporting, Monitoring and Controlling – ThinkFaculty will work as a consultant and evaluate the experience by mystery shopping, random visits and outbound calls to the customer to rate the experience.
  •  Reinforcement – Results will be shared with Al Razi HealthCare and team participants after a few weeks of training. Any variance will be communicated and reinforcement of the principles and guidelines will be communicated.