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Hepatitis C Symptoms

Hepatitis C is a silent killer. And this is really unfortunate. Hepatitis C does not come clean like many other viruses in the body at all. Approximately, 80% of patients that are diagnosed with Hepatitis C do not feel any kind of discomfort and ailment. Hence, this kind of normal activity never triggers them to go forward with any kind of tests. And in cases where Hepatitis C symptoms do come forward, they come forward weeks and even months after a person is infected.

However, in countries where Hepatitis C is a common day issue, doctors recommend earlier tested to be conducted from legitimate and quality hospital collection centers.

The main Hepatitis C Symptoms are as follows:

  • Sore Muscles
  • Joint Pain
  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Stomach Pains
  • Dark Urine
  • Itchy Skin
  • Feeling very tired
  • Jaundice

It is not necessary that a patient will get all these symptoms. In fact ,many of times, only one or a multiple symptoms do come forward.

There are different forms of Hepatitis C. So, lets discuss them individually.

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Acute Hepatitis C can go without diagnosis for many years.

Acute Hepatitis C Symptoms

The symptoms for Acute Hepatitis C are more short-term in nature. Typically they last less than six months. In dire circumstances, they might even prolong for a few more weeks. But nothing more. Unfortunately, Acute Hepatitis C can lead to Chronic Hepatitis C.

Chronic Hepatitis C Symptoms

Chronic Hepatitis C Symptoms are more different that the Acute Hepatitis C Symptoms. This particular virus will last your entire life. It becomes very difficult for the body to get rid of such a virus.


What are the Symptoms of Hepatitis C ? Ask The Experts

We requested doctors from different regions of the world to also share their experiences in terms of this Hepatitis C issue and how are they diagnosing this virus.

“Hepatitis C is more prevalent in areas and countries where education and understanding is not common mode. Additionally, awareness can go so far. It also is the job of the government to mitigate the risks associated with hepatitis C. ” Dr. Alex, USA


“Hepatitis C in India is alarming. Though we have done considerable in terms of the awareness, yet the symptoms are there for every tenth person. Our hospitals and medical staff are working closely to minimize the gap. Hepatitis C is something that everyone should be testing” Dr. Preet, India

“Pakistan is really unfortunate that millions of citizens suffer from Hepatitis C. The symptoms are not clear where there is a fine line between diagnosis. Awareness is one key, but the disease in itself cannot be self analyzed. We highly recommend that you get yourself tested. This is the only option left.” Dr. Arsalan, Pakistan

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