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Information Technology Project Management

Information Technology Project Management  is a detailed oriented step by step manual to plan, develop, optimize and release of IT services, IT solutions, and IT software for a variety of different customer segments.

Information Technology Project Management  is key in ensuring a timely and  cost-effective IT service delivery solution. Primarily, IT project management is a sub set of the project management PMP certification method.

Information Technology Project Management  is essential for all teams, corporations and large conglomerates rolling out new services, products or even expanding their own networks. IT project management revolves around precise and accurate delivery of the solution. IT Project Management focuses on:

  • Proper and Complete Data Gathering of all Requirements
  • Integration of all modules into a comprehensive design document
  • Tagging of all revisions, enhancements and features to the source and network design

Information Technology Project Management is a must to have tool and skill set for extensive and complex IT roll-outs. Even project managers and professionals outside of the typical Information Technology domain can take benefits of training program. The benefits of IT Project Management are as follows:

  • Delivery of all features and IT solutions within stipulated timelines
  • Customer Engagement at every step of the IT delivery solution
  • Recording, monitoring and consistent growth analysis of the core system functions
  • Project Managers are to further enhance their scope and directive in delivery


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Information Technology Project Management Training

Where to obtain Information Technology Project Management Training? Information Technology Project Management Training is offered by ThinkFaculty Company on a continuous monthly basis. The Information Technology Project Management Training experts of ThinkFaculty are leaders in IT development and have successfully run the IT business units for variety of different companies in America, Canada, Pakistan and Dubai. The Project Management IT Certification is conducted in different cities of Asia including Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Dubai, Faisalabad and Qatar.

Information Technology Project Management Training encompasses the IT manager to be fully engaged during the class. The benefit our IT project management training is that we build off our experience and teach you the main project management IT certification modules through enhancing your current understanding of Information Technology product delivery.  This allows for a quicker learning and a stronger understanding of the PMP project management principles and architecture.

Information Technology Project Management Training is mandatory for all IT professionals working in the IT sector. This includes IP development, software creation, network design and IT design and implementation. This includes ERP solutions, CRM software and other critical IT applications.

Information Technology Project Management Training has not only gained momentum but has shown drastic improvements in the efficiency and optimization of solutions. In fact, in many companies where we have trained, there has been a drastic increase in efficiency of over 35%.

Information Technology Project Management Training is critical for all IT professionals that want to bring forth change, enhance their skill-set and become an asset to any organization or company. Project Management IT Certification is all about comprehending, planning, monitoring, evaluating and executing best IT practices associated with project management.

Project Management IT Certification is the platform through which you build your level of expertise that is recognized world over.