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ITIL Certification Training

ITIL Certification is the core certification regarding by IT industries. IT market is changing rapidly. The industry now requires a sophisticated set of skills to drive, sustain and operate operations effectively. Hence, the need for ITIL. ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. ITIL is a set of best practices within the framework of IT services. ITIL represents best practices that are to be used and implement for high quality IT output.
Since ITIL is a sophisticated framework, it has different set of expert levels. Like many other skill sets, ITIL focuses on core skill sets and has a certain pattern for different technology functions.

Training Enrollment

Here we will not be discussing what really is the ITIL Certification? We will be focusing on the ITIL Certification Training. ITIL Certification Training is established by different organizations and training institutes around the world. Anyone who is ITIL certified can train. However, before you set forth on selecting any ITIL certification training institute, we really recommend that you understand your outcomes and how far off are you in terms of experience and professional understanding.
In our experience of training professionals for over 10 years, different professionals get lined up to take the ITIL examination. Professionals with IT background can understand and take the examination in days. However, for the non IT professionals the mind-set and the environment of IT standards need to be aligned and understood.
The ITIL is a set course of examinations and certifications. In the entire span of all the certifications, it is important to note that the overall objective is to allow professionals to understand the best benefits of International standards and how to implement them in IT environments.

ITIL Certification Outline

The course follows a standard of IT strategy and execution. It begins with service design and service implementation and then works into the maintenance mode. It consists of the continuous life cycle approach.
Service Strategy
Service Design
Service Transition
Service Operation
Continual Service Improvement
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The objective of the training programs regarding all ITIL is to train you on all the above modules.

Service Strategy ITIL Curriculum

More to do with the Service Strategy part and includes how to prepare the financial modules for IT services. Need to take into account Return on Investment and build on a strategy that is aligned with best business practices.

Service Design ITIL Curriculum

Service Design is all about the design phase of the service. Hence you need to be tested on the capacity management, resource management and service management. This module will test your skills in terms of your understanding of how and where to get the resources to design the requirements. In order to better understand you will need to be aligned with the known parameters and thresholds.

Service Transition ITIL Curriculum

Before any development is released into the real live world, there are certain parameters and activities that need to be clearly marked, executed and implemented. Hence in service transition ITIL module, IT professionals will be tested on validation, release management skills and change management.

Service Operations ITIL Curriculum

When services are rendered, you will need the resources and skill set to ensure uptime and service availability.

Continous Service Improvement ITIL Curriculum

Nothing can be left for change. So, customer service improvement is another critical component of the training . you will be tested on quality mind how to improve serve through quality initiatives.

ITIL Training Course

ITIL training course will be optimized to update the students on the main principles and sub modules in each of these 5 ITIL areas. The ITIL Training course will focus on improving the skill sets for each domain and enabling  the students to perform and pass the examination.


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