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Leadership Skills Training

Leadership Skills Training is offered by ThinkFaculty. The Leadership Skills Program is an Internationally recognized leadership development program that has been taught in different companies across the globe. Leadership Training encompasses the following core modules:

  • Leadership Core Values
  • Presentation Skill Training
  • Communication Skill Training
  • Management Training
  • Soft Skills Training

Presentation Skill Training

Presentation Skill Training comprises of learning how to present to an audience. As executives, managers and even senior management directors, it becomes a real challenge to present to a large or even small audience. Presentation Skill Training will provide you with an in-depth analysis of the best practices and formulas great speakers and orators use for public speaking. We will also highlight how to present content, information and strategies to the teams.

Presentation Skill Training is highly recommended for individuals that need to improve their presentations skills.


Communication Skills Training

Communications Skills Training is a complete course in Communications – this includes written and verbal communication. Communications Skills Training is about enhancing the communication style, method and technique of teams, individuals and even organizations. Communications Skills Training is recommended for teams that require communication to be effective, clear and precise.

Management Training

Management Training is a training program about the core principles of management and how to lead a team. Management training comprises of learning the best techniques and methods by leaders across the world. Management training is for all bands and professionals. The class is taught by leading experts and have been one of the most successful classes offered by our organization.


Soft Skills Training

Soft Skills Training is an amalgamation of the management training program, communication skills training and presentation skills training. Soft Skills Training focuses on the social  and soft side of people. Soft Skill Training is for team managers interested in improving and enhancing their social skills while adapting to new changes, people and environments.

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Leadership Management Training Program

Passion for Excellence is a unique 2 day leadership management training program providing key insights to the mindsets, methodologies, and best practices that have evolved and sustained great companies across the world. Companies that are built to last and have a sustainable revenue growth have a particular proposition- a driving force behind their sales numbers, forecasts and achievements. General Electric has the logo “We bring good things to life” and IBM had a logo “Think”. All of these logos were the breathing grounds of growth, prosperity and well-being. The innovative minds that GE fostered within its teams enabled the company to not only grow substantially but also become number 1 in 12 different business segments across the world. The ability to drive excellence came from their passion for excellence. Passion drove their teams, individuals, processes and procedures.

The objective of this course is to introduce to corporate Pakistan a curriculum that engages their management and enables them to learn from successful corporations across the world. The course is taught by a trainer who has held top positions in Pakistan and United States. The course will be based upon GE and IBM practices – leaders in passion for excellence.

Leadership Training Program Objectives

    The following are the main objectives of the course:

  • Provide the audience a clear and precise understanding of leadership and management values.
  • Provide a comprehensive analysis of what variables are associated with developing the leadership values. Analysis of the team players and bench-marking against best practices.
  • Share a blue print of companies that have successfully evolved into great organizations through a dedicated and committed leadership value proposition.
  • Communicate, discuss and elaborate on the best quality and passion for service quality practices prevailing in the industry.
  • Training, coaching, mentoring of participants.
  • A blue print to be provided to redefine strategy and create a desire within the teams to lead passionately.