7 Critical Reasons why There is Always going to be a Need for software project management processes


Is there really a need for software project management and its relevant processes? This is a question that we get a bit too often in our seminars, speeches, conferences and even trainings. Many software engineers tend to believe that there is a myth behind practicing and implementing practices. These are the engineers that believe that experience is the most important and extra layers of processes are not justified. This post is to break the myth. And give you 7 critical reasons why there is always going to be a need for software project management processes, tools and mindset. Software Project Management Team Work Education is the essence of any tier 1 project delivery methodology.


1. Quality Standards

Software that is being built today is not about substandard product delivery and software development. the world has drastically changed. reality is that quality is a top-notch need. whenever quality is a requirement, you can only crate quality if standards of quality are followed. software project management tools and processes govern ways to ensure quality standards are incorporated into a software development. personal experience is never a standard for excellence.

During our extensive training programs, we see many software developers fighting over the fact what is considered a standard in a particular software development life-cycle. Irrespective of the years of experience of any developer or project manager, software project management also has its specific standards of excellence. It is highly recommended that all team members understand those processes and make those processes as standard benchmarks across the board. Quality can only be governed if there is a covenants of quality incorporated from the start. Quality is not only about development it is also about having a quality life-cycle approach. This starts with having the scope locked with the relevant stakeholders and ensuring that all requirements are fully tested and implemented during the testing and delivery face.


2. Timely management of software delivery

One of the key attributes of any software development is a timely delivery. Scope will be changed and resources will be altered. This is a known fact in any software development model. However the key objective for any project manager or software project management team is to facilitate all those changes and ensure that the software is delivered in a timely manner. Software project management tools and processes ensure that the people were running the software project understand the best processes to use to govern and measure time accordingly.


7 reasons to have software project management

3. Cost efficiency

Cost is a paramount figure that continues to grow during software development. The cost could be because of extra resources that are required or because additional features have been added. Irrespective of the reasons, cost needs to be minimised. One of the best ways of doing that is to know the cost of hand. Now the question really is how do you know how to control cost during a software development phase? Many of times you don’t. However there is a certain amount them will actually be able to be predicted. And the way to predict any cost is to know the best standards of any software project management life-cycle. Whenever you go through a standard based software development, engineers will be able to understand where cost is being added or even subtracted.


4. No rework

A software project management team is responsible to deliver quality oriented software program without a lot of rework. One of the things that we see whenever we do consultancy is that the software is reworked time and time again. We do understand that there are going to be reiterations of a software development code. However the features and the core requirements need not be revisited. And this plays the same role in the quality measurement and testing phases well. No rework it is to be done when a proper software project management tool and people are in place.

5. Professionalism

Whenever a software is actually being implemented in an environment, many stakeholders wear specific hats. Those hats are because of lack of experience of best international practices. One of the core ingredients or outcomes of having a software project development mindset overall is that people involved understand that the ultimate goal is the development of the software in a timely manner instead of perspectives. This is one of the core ingredients that we teach during our software management training classes. Teams are a part of the software development need to understand the core reason why they are working in the first place. Software project management processes orchestrate a certain level of excellence that is required during development stage.


6. Learning environment

Any software development is going to be replicated in any sort and format at a later stage in date. A software development project needs to have all of the documents properly written. We know of a case where a community of people simply just left and the new developers had no clue as to how the software was being developed. Always have proper software documentation in place. How to work on creating quality documents and during what phases? All of this is answered when you actually understand and implement best software project management processes.


7. Better quality of a product

I’m not a referring to the the quality of the process that we’ve already spoken about. I’m specifically referring to the overall quality of the product. Let’s give you an example. A couple of years back our software house was working on an android application for a particular customer. We started implementing the best international software project management mindset along with the processes, better questions were being asked to the end customer. You have a mindset that delivers quality and the tools are there to orchestrate and facilitate, the product and its services are actually coming forth with better answers and solutions.


7 Critical Reasons to Always Need Software Project Management
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