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PMP Examination Preparation Classes

Planning to take the PMP examination? Enroll now in an upcoming PMP Preparation Class and increase your chances of passing your examination first go.


Project Management Training has several key objectives. The main Project Management Training objective of the PMP training course is provide an in-depth preparation guide to students, professionals and senior management executives who are in pursuit of studying, preparing and passing their PMP examination. ThinkFaculty Company is rated number 1 for PMP Training in Asia. Training Project Management courses requires extensive years of experience and a quality driven teaching experience. Our Project Management Training Courses are taught by leaders in project management execution. The Project Management Training Courses provide students with an in-depth analysis of all the project management training curriculum and tips required to pass the examination in the first go.

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ThinkFaculty PMP Certification Examination Preparation Training Program

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Project  Management Training Outline

Certification Course in Project Management PMP Training will be broken down into the following project management standards:

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  • PMP Process Framework—Building blocks of the PMP examination.
  • Knowledge Area Content— Extensive group study on the critical knowledge areas of PMP certification.
  • Mind-Set— In order to pass the examination, the mind needs to be prepared to take on 4 continuous hours of questions ranging from a wide variety of topics. The training program will provide exercises and methodologies to train for the examination.
  • Test Examination—Examination questions to prepare you for the certification.
 Our PMP training certification curriculum ensures that you have the best success rate. In fact, we are also providing a completely free 4,000 free questions.  You will need to give complete focus and time to these examinations since they are really an important part in assisting you to get a detailed perspective of the core foundations of Project Management.

ThinkFaculty PMP Training Method

pmp preparation examThinkFaculty PMP Preparation Course provides the students and professionals with the relevant PMP preparation Guide and PMP Preparation material. During your PMP preparation, our PMP preparation material and PMP preparation guide will ensure that you have a targeted approach and can break down the building blocks into your memory. Majority of our students have based their PMP examination success to the focused PMP Preparation Guide and PMP Preparation material. Preparation for PMP certification becomes easy with the PMP preparation material taught in our PMP preparation course. Our PMP preparation material and PMP preparation guide is based upon Rita, PMPBok, and best practices. It provides students and professionals with a clear, precise and focused approach to passing the PMP examination. Our PMP Preparation Course concentrates on all the main disciplines of PMP ranging from human resource management to time management. It gives a high level details and then moves into the important topics and PMP certification theories that need to be properly understood before taking the examination.