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What is Project Management?

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Project Management is defined as the processes, procedures, people, and technology that clearly is responsible for the successful implementation of a project in a timely and cost-effective way.

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ThinkFaculty PMP Certification Examination Preparation Training Program

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PMP Project Management is a process driven framework of continuous delivery of solutions and services. Project Delivery and execution requires standards and best practices. Project Managers to ensure timely closure of projects. The closure of projects need to also be in a cost-effective,quality driven and as per customer specifications. PMP project management is defined as the principles, tools, and methods to provide quality project delivery. Project Management PMP is a recognized and internationally accepted accredited degree validating your expertise in business project management. A variety of different project management tools drive results. Project management tools relate to both the technical aspect and the human aspect of project delivery. Also, Project Management fundamentals and Project Management framework defines the best practices and execution methodologies to close projects in a timely and cost-effective environment.

PMP Certification

PMP Certification is the official certification degree given to students and professionals that take the 4 hour examination and successfully pass the pmp exam.

A PMP Certification is a globally recognized technical skill-set. PMP Certification is associated with the Project Management Professional (PMP®) organization. The PMP Certification is an accredited program by the Project Management Institute (PMI®) of USA. The PMP®  credential demonstrates an individual’s expertise in project management, leadership, and communication skills crucial to the planning and execution of a project. PMP certification is one of the top 5 certifications in the world. PMP certifications not only enhances your skill levels, but also opens doors of leadership, opportunities and exciting career benefits. Join in and see how ThinkFaculty can lead you to pass and enjoy the benefits of a PMP Certification! PMP Certification Project Management is the ultimate enabler. It is the change agent that drives successful projects to closure.  PMP Certification Project Management has enhanced quality, time and cost dimensions of product delivery and complex solutions. Project Management PMP Certification is now a mandatory requirement as professionals set forth into high pressure and high delivery jobs.

A certification in PMP Project Management Professional is a most coveted certification identifying and validating the skill-set and qualities of an exceptional project manager. Project Management is the main division that creates, drives, improves, enhances and closing projects.


PMP Training

Project Management Training has several key objectives. The main Project Management Training objective of the PMP training course is provide an in-depth preparation guide to students, professionals and senior management executives who are in pursuit of studying, preparing and passing their PMP examination. ThinkFaculty Company is rated number 1 for PMP Training in Asia. Training Project Management courses requires extensive years of experience and a quality driven teaching experience. Our Project Management Training Courses are taught by leaders in project management execution. The Project Management Training Courses provide students with an in-depth analysis of all the project management training curriculum and tips required to pass the examination in the first go.


Why Professionals choose ThinkFaculty as their PMP Training Partners?

 PMP Project Training is the main enabler. As the leading PMP management certification training partner, We believe in imparting quality, focused, committed and value driven content to our valued partners and customers. Our team has the ability to drive the ingredients of ingenuity, discipline, respect, dignity, leadership, momentum and drive into teams. We have been successfully enhancing the skills of the companies of today and tomorrow! Our project management course revolves around 4 basic training segments – Mindset, Discipline, Composure, and Team work. These 4 ingredients truly bring forth the essential elements of powerful and sustainable leadership. We are the only expert PMP certification with a 95% track record of success.

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PMP Certification Training comprises of learning different phases of a project life-cycle. Certification for Project Management begins with learning the core PMP certification phases. Each phases begins with the Initiation Phase. This is where you understand why the Project needs to be placed into execution. In the initiation phase, you develop an understanding of the Project Charter and Business Case for the Project.

In the Planning Phase, you start developing a focus on the planning the entire project plan. Executing Phase is where the teams aligns and executes the project solution. In the Monitoring and Controlling phase, quality assurance is determined. Commitment to the quality is guaranteed. Closing is the final sign off on the project delivered. Certification in Project Management engages you through all of these phases. Certification in Project Management ensures that you understand the entire life cycle and that you are able to build and roll out these phases in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Certification Management Project Delivery will take you through each step. Do realize that each step can be reiterated and re-planned. You will learn about these during our PMP Certification Training Course. Certification of Project Management provides a validation to the companies that project manager is fully engaged and can build complex solutions using sophisticated techniques. Project Certification is a continuous effort and will be an ongoing responsibility. Project Management Certification is recommended for all the project managers and solution experts. without a project manager certification, it becomes difficult to deliver projects.

Importance of Project Management Professional PMP Certification

There are 6 key reasons for professionals to pursue a PMP certification:

  • Job Security

  • In such a competitive market world, international skill-sets are detrimental. With project management courses, professionals can now enjoy obtaining internationally recognized project management degrees by training and preparing from ThinkFaculty. The project management courses will offer you the unique opportunity to not only enhance your technical and professional skill-set but also become a core asset to the organization you work in.

  • Substantially better chances of getting employment

  • PMP is ever-evolving. Companies tend to hire professionals with accredited certifications for all project related jobs in the market. PMP certified professionals have 35% better changes of acquiring a job then a non-certified professional.PMP in Pakistan ThinkFaculty

  • Obtain International Brand Recognition

  • One of the top 5 internationally acclaimed certifications of excellence recognized throughout the world. Professionals are always moving forward in developing their value add to the community. One great aspiration for many young talented individuals is to focus and become successful. And one of the ways of ensuring that these aspirations turn into reality is by obtaining International Brand Recognition awards and degrees. Project management certification heavily revolves around training, preparing and successfully passing the PMP Certification. Prepare yourself for the number 1 internationally recognized degree. PMP certification is the best decision a professional can do in his or her career. Majority of IT Professionals pursue a PMP Certification.

  • New Opportunity

  • Whenever you bring forth a specific skill-set you enable yourself to penetrate into new frontiers and avenues. PMP Certification is available at ThinkFaculty Company, a leading IT training institute in Asia. Our specialists focus on developing your aptitude and mindset to prepare and pass the PMP Certification. Many of our students have gone onto running and being part of new opportunities since they now have the skill-set to develop and enhance larger teams and projects. Companies tend to provide additional responsibilities to employees who have demonstrated PMP certification.

  • Sustainability of Quality of Service and Product DeliveryMarket-Leader

  • Sustain quality of service through systemic reporting and analysis and implementation of core best practices that have a direct impact on the bottom line. Companies run by PMP experts have remarkably been able to sustain revenue as   compared to companies not led by certified experts. Project management will essentially be linked directly with the quality and product delivery. Knowing the best practices in the PMP market is a benefit to the entire economy.

  • Sense of Achievement

  • Passing the PMP examination is one of the biggest accomplishment in the career pathway. Being a PMP goes a long way in communicating your dedication, commitment and zeal towards international standards and bench-marks.

Project  Management Training Outline

Certification Course in Project Management PMP Training will be broken down into the following project management standards:

    pmp pakistan thinkfaculty process

  • PMP Process Framework—Building blocks of the PMP examination.
  • Knowledge Area Content— Extensive group study on the critical knowledge areas of PMP certification.
  • Mind-Set— In order to pass the examination, the mind needs to be prepared to take on 4 continuous hours of questions ranging from a wide variety of topics. The training program will provide exercises and methodologies to train for the examination.
  • Test Examination—Examination questions to prepare you for the certification.
 Our PMP training certification curriculum ensures that you have the best success rate. In fact, we are also providing a completely free 4,000 free questions.  You will need to give complete focus and time to these examinations since they are really an important part in assisting you to get a detailed perspective of the core foundations of Project Management.

ThinkFaculty PMP Training Method

pmp preparation examThinkFaculty PMP Preparation Course provides the students and professionals with the relevant PMP preparation Guide and PMP Preparation material. During your PMP preparation, our PMP preparation material and PMP preparation guide will ensure that you have a targeted approach and can break down the building blocks into your memory. Majority of our students have based their PMP examination success to the focused PMP Preparation Guide and PMP Preparation material. Preparation for PMP certification becomes easy with the PMP preparation material taught in our PMP preparation course. Our PMP preparation material and PMP preparation guide is based upon Rita, PMPBok, and best practices. It provides students and professionals with a clear, precise and focused approach to passing the PMP examination. Our PMP Preparation Course concentrates on all the main disciplines of PMP ranging from human resource management to time management. It gives a high level details and then moves into the important topics and PMP certification theories that need to be properly understood before taking the examination.