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Ahmed Sheikh – Top PMP Trainer

Ahmed Sheikh is a certified PMP trainer with over 20 years of experience leading and developing projects for a variety of companies.

Why Professionals choose ThinkFaculty as their PMP Training Partners?

 PMP Project Training is the main enabler. As the leading PMP management certification training partner, We believe in imparting quality, focused, committed and value driven content to our valued partners and customers. Our team has the ability to drive the ingredients of ingenuity, discipline, respect, dignity, leadership, momentum and drive into teams. We have been successfully enhancing the skills of the companies of today and tomorrow! Our project management course revolves around 4 basic training segments – Mindset, Discipline, Composure, and Team work. These 4 ingredients truly bring forth the essential elements of powerful and sustainable leadership. We are the only expert PMP certification with a 95% track record of success.

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PMP Certification Training comprises of learning different phases of a project life-cycle. Certification for Project Management begins with learning the core PMP certification phases. Each phases begins with the Initiation Phase. This is where you understand why the Project needs to be placed into execution. In the initiation phase, you develop an understanding of the Project Charter and Business Case for the Project.

In the Planning Phase, you start developing a focus on the planning the entire project plan. Executing Phase is where the teams aligns and executes the project solution. In the Monitoring and Controlling phase, quality assurance is determined. Commitment to the quality is guaranteed. Closing is the final sign off on the project delivered. Certification in Project Management engages you through all of these phases. Certification in Project Management ensures that you understand the entire life cycle and that you are able to build and roll out these phases in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Certification Management Project Delivery will take you through each step. Do realize that each step can be reiterated and re-planned. You will learn about these during our PMP Certification Training Course. Certification of Project Management provides a validation to the companies that project manager is fully engaged and can build complex solutions using sophisticated techniques. Project Certification is a continuous effort and will be an ongoing responsibility. Project Management Certification is recommended for all the project managers and solution experts. without a project manager certification, it becomes difficult to deliver projects.