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Project Management Courses

Best Project Management Certification Programs offered!

PMP Certification Training Course 

One of the top project management courses offered is the PMP Certification Training Course. This course prepares the students to study and prepare for the coveted project management certification.

Certification in Project Management

Certification in Project Management is one of the other main stream project management courses being offered. The certification is provided by an accredited trainer and will provide the knowledge base to comprehend the project management deliverables.

Excluding the typical PMP Examination Preparation Classes, our organization offers multiple certification courses in a variety of different disciplines within the framework of project management. The following are the main certification in project management courses:

  • Integration Module Certification of Project Management
  • Scope Module Certification of Project Management
  • Time Module Certification of Project Management
  • Cost Module Certification of Project Management
  • Quality Module Certification of Project Management
  • Procurement Module Certification of Project Management
  • Human resources Module Certification of Project Management
  • Communications Module Certification of Project Management
  • Risk management Module Certification of Project Management
  • Stakeholder management Module Certification of Project Management

In addition to the above stated certification courses, diploma in project management is also offered

Diploma in Project Management

Diploma in Project Management is another strong training course offered by our organization. Many organizations want to introduce project management and its principles to their staff. The diploma revolves more around the templates and themes required to deliver and implement project management projects at a high level.


Classes for Project Management 

Classes for Project Management revolves around the life-cycle approach. The following are the main classes for project management being offered:

  • Initiation Phase Project Management Class
  • Planning Phase Project Management Class
  • Executing Phase Project Management Class
  • Monitoring and Controlling Project Management Class
  • Closing Project Management Class

Basic Project Management Course

The basic project management course are for executives and new employees of any organization that are interested in knowing the basic ingredients of starting up a project till closure.