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Software Project Management Training

Software Project Management Training develops the skills you need to manage and execute software projects in a timely manner!


Software Project Management Course Description

Software Project Management Training Program is based upon the PMI Project Management Course Curriculum. The main difference between the standard Project Management Training Certification Course Work and the software project management training is that the software project management training is focused on software development life cycle. This is more of a customized training program that focuses on improving the software project management skills of professionals.

Software Project Management requires different methodologies and specifications to make a software development cycle a success. Hence the urgent need for software project management curriculum to be set. In the software project management course different tools and methods are taught that are specific to software development. Click this link if you are interested in learning more about what is Software Project Management.

Core Objective of the software project management training course is to provide a clear and focused approach to managing the entire software life cycle including processes and people.

Software Project Management Course Prerequisites 

  • Basic Understanding of software development
  • Prior 1-3 years experience in developing or assisting in making software


Who should attend this Course?

Software project managers who are working closely on developing and managing software projects. Highly recommended for senior and junior level software managers who have partial or complete ownership of understanding the requirements and building softwares internally as well as for external customers.

Software Project Management Course Overview

  • Software Project Management Training is a 4 – day training course.
  • 3 day is generic Project Management training.
  • 1 day dedicated to software development and software life cycle management

 Outcomes of the Software Project Management Course

  • Clear interpretation of the software life cycle management approach
  • Understand best international practices regarding software development
  • Learn techniques to manage diverse and complex software application developments
  • Improve software quality by implementing best practices
  • Deliver timely and cost-effective software projects that are aligned with your organization strategic goals and objectives
  • Develop a professional software project delivery mindset

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Core Modules of the Software Project Management Training Program

The following will the be core modules taught in the software project management training program:

Module Description
Software Life Cycle Kick Start Meeting
  • Initiation phase.
  • Align the business need and the objective of the software.
  • Align resources and timelines.
  • Understand the stakeholders and the relevant business requirements.
Management Stakeholder Requirements
  • Identify tasks and phases using a WBS
  • Calculate the staffing requirement
  • Engage team in business management decision
  • Updating the teams Methods


Software Implementation Phase
  • Measure software progress
  • Change Control Management
  • Evaluating Risk Management
Software Closure
  • Software Hand Over
  • Software Project Delivery

Software Project Management Course Pricing 

Since this is a customized training program for corporates or group of students who are working in the software domain, the price is variant. It depends upon the number of students in one particular class. Corporate level deals are also available.

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Software Project Management Training Participants

ThinkFaculty has conducted software project management training for many companies and engineers in group settings. Some of the companies and engineers who have benefited from our coveted software project management training courses are:

  • Government of Pakistan
  • Ad Maxim Company
  • Siemens
  • Wateen Engineers
  • Warid Engineers
  • Huawei Engineer