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Web designers and software engineers understand the importance of top software project management tools. Information technology project management is different from the software dynamics. However, there are many similar patterns and unique traits. Software Project management tools are the core value systems of building and maintaining quality software projects.

Software development is not an easy task. It requires people, technology, procedures and knowledge base. Software development is a comprehensive life-cycle within itself. Any software developer knows that building the software requires a comprehensive life-cycle approach. Treat every software development as a project. That is a preliminary requirement of any software development tool. Without a proper software program or project management tool or methodology in place, the software program never can be built to efficiency. You need to be a senior level resource that has expertise in software project delivery to understand and properly utilize the list below.

A software goes through multiple development cycles. Every single cycle has its own definition and requirements. In fact many different features are tested in different phases. Hence it is very important that the software project management tool has a proper and comprehensive bug tracking mechanism. The list that we are about to show you today is specifically catering towards the bug tracking and monitoring of errors or features that are associated with a particular software module.

When we label anything as a “bug”, typically it doesn’t mean that the entire description and details are about a bug only. “Bug” is a genetic word that is labeled into the development cycle as an item that can have multiple meanings. A bug can also become a feature. This is really the nomenclature. Many of these applications can be customized to differentiate between a bug and a feature. Just for reference sake, bug is loosely used to describe both features and bugs. For all of these kind of tools to be properly introduced into the system, software project management focus and engagement is required.


Top Software Project Management Tools List Recommended by Leading Project Management Experts!


Software project management tools really need to do a variety of different jobs. One of the most important requirements of any software project management tool is the proper tracking of error and bugs associated with that particular software design. Do, recall and remember that any project delivery regarding software development is a sub set of the project management life-cycle.

Software Project Management Tools are recommended below:


16 bugs

If you’re in the environment of software rollouts then 16 bugs application is the ultimate bet. 16 bugs is a simple but clean tracking system that allows you to maintain a variety of different features. The cool thing about this application is that the set up is very quick and easy. User interface does not require much knowledge to figure out. Basically you advise and allow other people to provide inputs and feedback based upon color coded labels. Again, 16 bugs is not a free application and you have to pay for different plans. But we highly recommend this application to any project development team that focuses on web development issues.



JIRA Is another software tracking mechanism with amazing features. One of the cool aspects is the advanced reporting features. Its work flow mapping and project organizing features are also spectacular. Another key benefit of the software is its plug-in functionality. You can simply integrate a variety of different features into the software. You can integrate calendars, project management tools, time tracking facilities and much more. Consider this is one of the baseline applications. It starts out by providing you with the basic inner tracking methodology. And they gone you can simply build customized applications that need and suit your needs and requirements


Microsoft Software Configuration Management Tool 

Use Microsoft Excel and create a software configuration tool.  The software configuration tool is a central repository of all the software, modules, codes and the data required to build the software application. In fact proper revisions, patches and upgrades need to be also associated with the software project management tool. This benefit is that the tool will have the revision numbers and can report all changes made. Click here to download a free software configuration management tool.


Pivotal Tracker

This is really a professional tool that is used by software experts around the world. They have all the bells and whistles associated with the tool. In fact, it provides some unique tracking and monitoring tools that are not available in any software platform project management tool. If you are a software house building complex designs, then pivotal tracker is the solution for you.


Microsoft Project Software

Another software tool is Microsoft project software. Again, for this software to be applicable, you need to have a sound understanding of the functions and outputs of the software.


Open Proj Free Tool 

For professionals who do not want to purchase Microsoft Project Software can certainly use the OpenProject software. The Open Project Software is really a great alterative and provides the in-depth analysis and schedule that is required in software project management. Additionally, the The OpenProj solution has Gantt Charts, Network Diagrams (PERT Charts), WBS and RBS charts, Earned Value costing and more reports corresponding to software project management.



DotProject is an excellent tool for software development teams in different regions. the software project management tool is all online and enables different team members to login and use the software as per the business need. it is an open-source software and free for users. The best part of the software project management tool is that it comes with built-in resource allocation, task management, Gantt charts and a plethora of other outputs.



ConsultComm software is recommended for monitoring and managing a variety of different software projects. This tool also great if there are complex and different modules in a software project.

Software Project Management Tools stated above are the best tools that are used extensively in the software project management domain.



Question Answer Section

Question 1. What is the best project planning software?

Answer. This depends upon many variables. The most important variable is the project itself. Many of times the project only needs a basic plan. In many other scenarios, it requires an aggressive approach. For example, software planning for a house is different that a software build out. A free tool is free mind software.


Question 2. How many project management software requirements are there?

Answer. This is really key in understanding during the software project management phase. Basically requirements management documentation provides a key insight of all the requirements from different stakeholders. Different stakeholders will have different requirements. And hence the need for the requirements management section. Customers will have a different view-point of the software and the Quality Assurance team will have a different set of requirements. Objectives of the requirement is to have a collective repository of all the requirements. Project Management Software Requirements Management is an integral component of software project management service delivery.


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