Customer Centricity 

Customer Centricity is king. There is no other substitute to customer service excellence. Customer Centricity is all about life cycle management, customer focus and customer commitment. Many definitions are all over the customer service industry speaking volumes of customer centricity and its impact. However, it spans a deeper model.

In our experience, customer centricity is all about proactive engagement that meets and exceeds the needs and demands of the valued customer base. Customer Centricity is a revolutionary customer engagement skill-set that is developed through time, experience and a vision.

Customer Centricity In Pakistan 

The economy of Pakistan is at a standstill. The job market is in a major decline. In Fact, hundreds of thousands of people are losing their jobs and the overall unrest has created a very different dimension to the social and political situation. Manufacturers are shutting down their units. Reselling and distribution has reached a phenomenal low. Unfortunately, people of this land believe in employment rather than self-governance. Without employment, more and more people are taking out the value added enhancements to the quality of life and are now going to the bare necessities.

With such a very unstable state of affairs, companies as well as private organizations are asking a very simple question. How to increase revenues in such difficult times? There are some very interesting and unique propositions out of the market today. Majority of local businessmen are selling and are exporting their families and commodities to the European and Canadian markets. This is a part of the immigration model.

Another model is to place the money into banks and take the return on investment. Completely wrong solutions. Diversification or closure is no means to ensure productivity and long-term solutions. Corporations have also started hard into creating lean operational models. In the essence of developing lean operations or closing operational units, leaders have forgotten the key ingredients to potential revenue.

Taking care of your customers in times of despair is really what corporations should be driving towards. With unknown variables and unstable environments, taking care of customers that can completely collapse is even more of a critical objective. Historically, corporations who have sustained in unfavorable economic conditions are those that have put their sole efforts into sustaining and creating value to their customer base. Enhancing the customer service experience in difficult times is certainly the best measurement of success in the long run.

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Customer Focus

Customer Focus is the only ingredient of success. Customer Focus is the ultimate solution to all the above stated scenarios and complex issues. During the customer focus phase, taking care of customers that are becoming very price sensitive and have other choices to choose from becomes even more important. Let’s take the example of the telecom sector alone, now the customer can choose from a variety of different service providers. Uphone, Telenor, Warid and even PTCL are all working hard to win the customer. But the question really is they customer centric or customer focused? Are these customers penetrating into strategies and measures that can enhance the overall life cycle of the customer or not? Is churn a threat?

The real judge at the end of the day is the customer. In fact the only way to measure customer service excellence is talking to the customer directly.  Are you really doing the things that have value and add value to the customer? Many of the companies around the world create specific customer service excellence but forget that the customer needs to quantify and qualify the very ingredients of their plan. Customer focus will become the main value stream.


Customer Loyalty

 Customer Loyalty – this is an oxymoron. Customer loyalty is all about being in sync with the requirements and keeping focused on the customer engagement model. customer loyalty is all about being close to the needs and bringing forth ideas and services that keep on improving the customer experience.

Customer Centrictity is a mindset that is universal. But it can be built and can be ever lasting. One of the main ways of keeping a perspective that is strong and justifying is to train the entire community and company on customer service values. And this comes from repetitive training. Click here for the best customer service training.

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