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Call Center Customer Service Tips

Customer service has many different forms of and flavors. Customer service is typically known as service from a customer perspective. Customer service can also be labelled as a valued quality attribute. However, you label the customer service nomenclature, it is a by-product of processes and people. Here we are going to outline the main points of customer service from a call center perspective.
Call Centers are typically a smaller segmentation of customer service realm. Hence the skills during a call conversation are drastically different. These are core skill sets that really rate calls high. In the quality assurance business, we realize that there are certain inputs and ingredients that pay a pivotal part in the overall dynamics of call center excellence.

1. Focus on the Standard Processes during any Call

All calls have a standard protocol to follow. Irrespective of the calls that you place or take, there has to be an integrated call standards. In many of the customer service training program guidelines, there is a detail oriented section for standard procedures and its implementation.

2. Language Proficiency

Language proficiency is a critical component. Without the professional standard of excellence in any language, there is limited benefits. We highly recommend that all the agents be trained on the language proficiency model.


3. Listening and Probing Skills

In our experience we have seen that customer service is all about the listening and then probing skills. Not alwys will the end customer know the root cause and the listener has to demonstrate patience and perfection.

4. Voice Tone

Have a smile oriented voice. It shows.

5. Be Courteous

Courtesy is the key ingredient. Always ask the name of the customer and build value around the conversation. Talking with a smile and courteous tone shows and goes a long way in building the value proposition.

6. Face of the customer

Call center agents can be the first and only contact point for customers and are therefore often the face of a company.

Every positive interaction a customer has with a company can turn them into a loyal customer and evangelist. Thus, positive interactions with well-trained agent will increase customer lifetime value and brand awareness. Apart from providing your call center agents with an intuitive and easy-to-use call center software, giving them the proper training to treat every customer with courtesy and grace is extremely important.


7. Be Professional

Professionalism is the basic level of service. Each call center agent needs to breathe a certain level of professionalism. Even if the customer is agitated, they are not blaming you. Keep it real and keep it worth the while.


8. Honesty

When things do not work out, customers do expect the truth. Never lie to the customers. All contact center agents are highly recommended to be honest with the customers and even apologize when and if required.



Call center staff will get a variety of different calls each time. Be flexible in your approach and style. Never have a narrow thought process to solve the customer issues.


10. Competency

Nothing like an agent knowing his or her knowledge area. Always be focused on the delivery and the quality. And this is a core requirement. build value through competency. Remember that the essence of each call stems from agents knowing the product and service.


11. Be Interested

Interested in each customer inquiry creates the stemming customer service experience. always show interest and care for each caller.


12. Be Proactive

Nothing is better than an agent that takes control of the call. Be proactive.

13. Quick Solution Provider

The game is speed. The faster you are able to develop rapport and close the case the better it is.
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