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How to Prepare for the PMP Examination ? What to read first During PMP certification training?

This is one of the most important questions of all. You need to know how to prepare for the examination in detail before going straight in. I guess at this stage, you are ready to take on the journey and become a certified project manager. This is great. Now, we will prepare you to train yourself in knowing the best steps and ideas to get yourself up to speed and take the examination.

Every individual is different. In fact many people have their own perspective in terms of understanding and comprehension and this needs to be respected. Though millions of people take the same exam every single year, however, the preparations are uniquely different. Some individuals prepare for the PMP certification examination through hours of tedious work. Many of them also prepare for the project management certification by close group workshop settings. Others enjoy working with trainers and development organizations to further improve their skill set.

However your comprehension and understanding level may vary in contrast to others. We are here to provide you with the best way to prepare for your PMP certification. This might be different for different users. However, we have been successful in terms of providing you with the standard processes and procedures. Do remember that we are experts in project management training. We have trained hundreds and thousands of students all across the world. Based upon our analytical ability and our understanding of the unique mindset of the student, here are the best ways to prepare for your PMP certification. This is not in any unique order. We also give reading material listings¬†and highlight the values of reading extra books and material. Let’s begin on your exciting journey:


The PMP Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try, Fourth Edition

This is a very highly recommended book that provides a very basic understanding of the materials and curriculum surrounding the PMP certification examination. Anyone who’s highly interested in learning through both and getting first-hand knowledge of the PMP principles would find this book extensively beneficial. This book can be easily available through Amazon and other online book stores. I’m very confident that you could also find it at the local bookstore near you as well. Another cool part about this book is that the material extensively covers the processes, inputs, tools and other relative material that will be used to better improve your chances of passing the PMP certification examination. The author Andy Kroll has done a fantastic job here also adding hundreds of sample questions, exercise programs and concepts to give you the ability and hope of passing the examination. The nice thing alike about the book is that it is not expensive. You can also buy a secondhand book that people use. Do remember that secondhand books are used typically once and then send forward.


PMP Exam Prep, Sixth Edition: Rita’s Course in a Book for Passing the PMP Exam

This book is a must read. The objective of this book is to identify the gaps in the overall understanding of students whether they prepare for the PMP examination. Provides razor-sharp intellectual statistics and knowledge base tips to further improve your knowledge. It is time study material that has absolute value. In fact, the authority, kindly is one of the best PMP authors around. The price of this book is comparatively expensive as compared to the book above. However we definitely recommend having this book is a must-read.

Head First PMP: A Brain-Friendly Guide to Passing the Project Management Professional Exam

Another favorite of mine is the head first PMP examination book. In fact, this is the book that I actually read the press my PMP certification examination. This book goes a long way in describing in detail the various components of the curriculum and provide you with an honest understanding of the relevant concepts that might come in the examination. I really like the overall perspective and how the chapters are allocated. There’s a lot of pictures in the book and it seems to be a great seller for people who have no conception understanding of PMP.


PMBOK plus Kerzner’s book¬†Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling

This book is more of a reference and bible to the people and students who want to begin from stage zero. Time and energy required to delve into the workings and dynamics. You need to better understand and execute on the principles of success.


There are other many resources available online that provide a very good understanding of what to read first to create that mindset. Attached below are just some useful links to create that mindset of execution, delivery and results. This is the name of hte game.

Again these things are just for the mindset and vision creation. There able to tell you what to really look at and focus on while you prepare for your examination. PMI Institute also offers a variety of different reads for you. Here is the list of all the books recommended by the PMI Institute.



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