Benefits of ITIL – 9 Reasons to get ITIL Certified 

Stellar Reasons for You to Continue Pursuing your ITIL Dream!

We are not going to talk about the ITIL examination and how to take it. Here we are going to share with you the extra ordinary benefits of taking and passing the ITIL examination. The benefits of ITIL are two-fold. One segment are the benefits to the company or organization that offers you employment and the other segment is yourself. Hence, two core types of benefits all adding up to 9 reasons to get ITIL certified!

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Benefits to an Organization 

When an organization hires a professional with any kind of certification, the winner is always the company. It benefits through the experience, value and the expertise that an employee brings. Since we are dealing in the IT service management role, these benefits will be exclusively for this market segment.

And all these benefits and advantages occur irrespective of the type of class environment you prepare in. Not limited to any type of study mechanism. If you studied via an ITIL online course or through any registered ITIL Instructor, these below stated advantages remain the same. Benefits of ITIL for an organization:

Increased Productivity – The main benefit is the quality and productivity levels. When you have the certification, you can show it through your visions and strategies. Productivity is the first thing that shows a plus. Hiring professionals will always get companies on the winning streak.

Prevent Losses and Lower Quality Outputs – With a certification and a greater understanding of the segment, you are able to prevent losses that might have been established due to lack of vision or strategy. Higher quality outputs are also expected once certified ITIL experts lead projects.

Improved vendor management – Vendors are a core requirement in any IT service segment. And ITIL frame-work is based around how to improve vendor turn around times and vendor delivery mechanisms.

Proper Gap Analysis – with ITIL certification as your core skill set you are able to identify gaps and then work on providing solutions accordingly.


What is it in for you?

This is the easy question. The question that has so many moral and personal benefits. Let me start out with my own example. I always take knowledge as a true bench mark. I recommend and allow for quality to seep in and provide the vision and strategy that is deserved. So for me, it is the extra knowledge to boost my credentials and expertise. Do realize that ITIL is a step by step examination and you will eventually have to pass multiple examinations to become an expert. The first step is becoming certified in the ITIL V3 foundation examination.

Better Salaries – With a certification in place, salaries do improve. This is a tested fact. So enjoy the financial benefits!

Executing professional methodologies – Now you have the opportunity to thrive and work on what is the best and professional way of delivering value. IT Value. This is a rare trait and needs to be treated as such.

Being a Part of a Professional Network – Being a part of a professional network is a benefit in itself. Why not be a part of a professional network that can grow and establish you as an individual.

Global Recognition – This is another key benefit. ITIL training and its counter part of online ITIL Service Management training will allow and recognize you as a world leader and you can take this degree anywhere in the world.

Self Recognition – What benefit is a certification if you do not thrive for it? Self Recognition is an award within itself.

We also asked our valued customers who have taken our courses to see what triggered them to take and pass the ITIL examination:

“I plan to raise my own level of excellence. It is worth it. Knowledge base that is exceptional and accepted globally is the way to go!”

“Proper planning is key. And with ITIL certification, I can plan projects and delivery with best practices. It teaches me best practices and methodologies. Continuous growth.”

“Salary increase. I got a 25% increase just by my certification alone and it makes a difference.”

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