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Customer Service Training

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Customer Service Training entails educating and driving the momentum, sales, customer satisfaction and long-term goals of all corporations around the world. Customer Service Training is the ingredient of all building blocks of smart and sound businesses. Customer Service Training is mandatory for companies, corporations and sectors that want to improve revenue streams through practical, focused and dedicated customer service processes and execution. Obtain the customer service training to understand best customer service practices.

It is critical that teams that work closely with customers have the passion, commitment levels and the ability to understand the value of customers. Our Customer Care Excellence Program provides the in-depth analysis, best tools of the trade, customer service index, mindset paradigm changes and the concrete steps that all top-tier companies take to focus on customer excellence.

Our organization is proud to present the following customer service training program. We have been servicing Asia and providing thinkfaculty customer service training moduleextensive customer care training for our valued customers. Our trainers have extensive experience in developing the entire customer service life cycle management, customer service account management, outbound and inbound contact center training, customer service customer survey programs and customized training programs. We have taught customer service to teachers, leaders, professionals, nurses and even doctors. We believe that we can train people who have interactions with people at all levels. Even bus drivers to leaders of companies, customer centric mindset is key. Let us work with your organizations and develop your company to a service oriented business unit. Our Customer Service Training Program comprises of 4 core training principles:


Before we begin a customer service training program, our experts perform an extensive analysis of the Customer Service Index. The Customer Service Index provides a clear insight of where the company stands in terms of satisfaction levels, engagement levels and processes. Let me give you an example. For example, recently we were requested to perform a training session for a Bank. So, our analysis was based upon mystery shopping. Visiting the banks and evaluating the bank based upon courtesy, ethics, processes and timely resolution of tasks.


After analysis, data is shared with the company. Company input is received and training program is created based upon company objectives and goals. Customer Service Training is a specialized field and each organization may have its own Key Performance Indicators. It is important to ensure that the integration exists and that the company is aligned with the training program and vice versa. An example is of a school system. We performed an extensive customer service program. And the customization perspective linked the customer service index with the revenue streams.


Training is imparted by world-class professionals that have extensive experience in building, expanding and enhancing customer value and proposition in a variety of different segments and markets. Training is conduced in a professional, proactive, engaging and learning environment. Training Pricing is dependent on the total activities and goals set forth for the training program. Training Program Pricing varies from a days training to a week and even a longer engagement level training. The price is specific to the needs and requirements of the project.

 Coaching / Mentoring

Individuals, teams and corporations engaged in customer service training require continuous coaching and mentoring. Each team member is evaluated and provided personalized coaching and mentoring. Objective is to have customer service training be changed into a mindset and a way of life.

Customer Service Training Program Benefits

  • Improve customer satisfaction scores by 35%.
  • Enhance customer base through loyalty programs and 360 degree interactive communication practices.
  • Develop best practices and benchmark against leading corporations that thrive on customer care excellence.
  • Build a system of continuous service improvements through people, processes and technology.
  • Sustain quality service delivery through systemic reporting and analysis.

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Are there any advanced customer service training programs? Yes. Certainly, however, the customer service index, market dynamics and the customer life cycle goals will define the ultimate outcome. We have often seen customers trying to get the best advanced customer service training programs but they are still not at par with the basics. Let our consultants evaluate the dynamics and confirm if advanced customer service training programs will be the right choice.

Customer Reviews

“An amazing opportunity to learn about different facets and methods to improve our social and customer awareness. This was the first time we learnt about different tools, processes and techniques to further interact, engage and develop strong bonds with our community of partners. Very excellent training!” Mrs. Amna, Fatima Memorial

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