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Corporate Pakistan – Take Care of Your Health

The Corporate world in Pakistan is hectic, cruel and powerfully engaging. In fact, corporate Pakistan life style leaves you exhausted and health drained. People in the west have been talking about a solid balance between corporate life and family life. Even they have not been able to create a balancing act. We consult with many leaders, trainers, corporate managers and executives from all ranges and segments and we find the same healthcare issues. High Blood Pressure, Sugar, Anxiety and other dangerous healthcare issues. This is not tolerable. Your most important person that you can work with is yourself. And people tend to underestimate the importance of caring for yourself. People often say that they don’t have time to explore and spend time to the doctor and then go for medical testings. That can be true in such an unbalanced domain structure. However, there is a new trend emerging. Home Care Services. In fact, Shaukat Khanum Collection Center, Near Ganga Ram Hospital provides 24×7 support and home collection for all blood related, chemistry, biochemistry, pathology, histopathology tests. Imagine no more waiting in line, now you can simply call them and get specialists at your door steps. Shaukat khanum hospital test reports at your convenience. That is the magic of quality service at your door-steps. We highly recommend that corporate leaders in Pakistan take this health tip seriously and work on establishing a proper routine. People who hardly take care of themselves will not be able to build the teams, momentum and drive to become successful in life. In order to be the leader, you need to be a healthy leader. According to a recent survey that we conducted, the following parameters and facts came to light:

  • Over 85% of Pakistan corporate leaders did not even go for an annual physical.
  • 91% did not jog and participated in any healthy activity.
  • 64% agreed that their family life is not at par with their desires.
Creating that value and awareness is critical. There is still time. By taking care of yourself, you take care of your family and the people who you work with. Take Health seriously. Doctor Recommended. For further details on setting up an appointment with Shaukat Khanum Collection Center at 5-A Queens Road.
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