Core Project Management Steps

Practical core project management is always about practicality, simplicity and flawless execution. There is no other formula to success. Project Management Steps are clearly defined in all the pmp books. Objective is that you as a project manager need to take people along the journey. So many of them won’t have the experience and the mindset like yours. Hence the need to follow certain core project management steps. Project stakeholders will always measure the steps that you take to orchestrate and deliver the projects. With diverse portfolios, it is mandatory to have certain core project management steps to execute every single time. If you are not a certified project manager, that is still fine.


Project Management Steps to Achieve Success from Project Initiation till Closure

The following are the core project management steps that need to be focused upon. How to prepare for pmp certification exam? Read the following steps that guide you in the right direction. These steps are asked even during the PMP exams.


Understand the Scope

Many of the projects fail during the initial stages is due to the lack of understanding of the scope. You need to clearly define the scope and make sure that it is well documented. Ensure full compliance to creating a scope document and also follow the steps governing the scope phase. And within the scope arena, you need to conclude answers to the following questions and inputs :

  • how many stakeholders are involved
  • what is the duration of the project
  • what are the outcomes from every critical stakeholder
  • identify how the project is going to be measured and concluded

One major challenge has always been the engagement levels with the stakeholders and communicating the scope of work that needs to be delivered.


Team Selection

Many of times projects fail due to hiring or contracting the wrong people. This can be a major set back. There are certain people who will acts as project coordinators and project managers. Both need to know their roles and deliver the outcomes. Further down the list, the project managers need to know what type of people they will be further hiring and using for certain tasks.


Project Risk Calculations

Majority of projects doe not have the right risk factored into the equation. in fact, many project managers are only well acquainted with their known understanding of risks. the unknown risk factors need to also be catered for. The issue regarding risk is not only limited to the cost but also time and energies associated with the project.


Communication Constraints

In there so many things in life that need to be said – so many things in life communicate new communication is the key. Whenever you actually have a variety of different customers and internal customers as well, communication needs to be very clear and continuous. Many of times projects fail only because of the fact that communication is not done in a proper manner. Many of times these projects actually a project sponsors and senior project managers that are looking at the overall project from a different angle and perspective. It is critical to ensure that all these communication methodologies or approved prior to the project and a timely deliverables of updates and data is sent according to the timelines.


Project meetings

Another key step to always insure is to conduct project meetings on the scheduled dates and time. Every single stakeholder needs to be there and understand what kind of information he or she needs to bring to the table. The last thing that you want is that stakeholders to be looking at the items therein then. In fact methodology should be that everyone should know what to expect and what to be delivering in the upcoming project schedule. And this requires the mindset of the Project manager to orchestrate such a culture and environment.


Monitor and Control

Monitoring and controlling is the key to keeping a project successful. This is the ultimate goal of any project manager. For that  you need to know the key performance indicators and the measurable yardsticks. Here are some important aspects to know and monitor continuously:

  • quality initiatives are as per the requirements or not
  • milestones are being met as per the approved timelines
  • continuous feedback from teams, customers and vendors
  • change requests are monitored



Delivery mechanism is also essential. You cannot create value until the delivery mechanism is set. During the delivery phase rest assured that there will be mandatory customizations that will be required as well as a fair amount of gaps that need to be addressed.

confirmation of successful project delivery is an art. what we recommend is having the customer a part of the sign off process for all phases and ensure that all feedback and inputs are incorporated at the time of meetings.



Following these core principles and project management steps, your project will act as a seamless act of worship and delivery. Successful project steps and its implementation is not rocket science by any shape and form. In fact it is all about mindset and execution. Knowing how to create a project and then having the mindset and vision to deliver is the essential key. Here are some of the core project manager focus points required :

  • execution lies in the details. focus on delivering value through exponential detail delivery.
  • always sign off all the project items prior to work.
  • ensure team members are well updated on their activities and deliverables,
  • communication is always key. have your coordinates when and where to update the teams.


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