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Project Management Steps

Project Management Steps in Communication will go a long way in defining, enhancing and maintaining closure of critical projects. People tend to believe that developing the project management skills is essential, however, we declare that this is the rudimentary functional asset that every project manager should have.

Project Planning 

Project Planning is thefirst step in Project ManagementProject Planning is the source that penetrates deep into the execution layer. When you plan a project, you decide on resources, engagement levels, development plans, cost plans, budget plans and overall integration planning. The main project planning ingredient is communication. Communication alone can bring forth amazing results.


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Project Planning is part of the entire project service delivery life cycle management process. This revolves around initiation, development, testing and then eventually closure of the project with written agreement from the customer.

Project Management Studyproject management study thinkfaculty

Project Management Study and execution of the PMP education revolves around precise, accurate and abundant communication with a variety of different stakeholders. It never came easy. And that was never the purpose anyhow. Let me share with you our experiences and how lack of communication derailed the project.Project Management Study is again all about quality and compact communication among people and teams. At a large telecom company, the intent was to roll out a major network. Engineering teams, network teams and technical teams were all given the road map. Meetings took place weekly. However, the deadline was missed and hence the management had called me in to provide project management consultancy. Interestingly, the meetings were going smooth. The issue was that the right stakeholders were not present. The people who had to give the vision were present. But the vision had been signed off. And now it was up to the execution team to deliver. And these teams were not meeting. In fact, they were still getting feedback from the people who had to make the vision. Project Manager Training enhances the communication style. Use ProjectManager Training to develop your communication style.

Rule Number 1 – people who are operational and do the execution need to be part of the weekly operational meetings.

This is mandatory. Do not need the management engaged until decisions are required. The other aspect is to have focus and communication open. At this particular company, communication was through emails and not clear. The emails went to the managers that then forwarded the emails. Took too long and waste of time and energies. Another example is of a complex shoe outlet store. They were engaging with the head office but could not click. Again, another of our projects. The root cause was simply that though the communication was clear and did not have any of the unnecessary constraints of emails. However, they faced an entirely different issue. They were not on the same wavelength. The teams were not speaking the right lingo. Certification on project management is all about communication with the same wavelength.

Rule Number 2 – Speak the same project management communication. Talk the same lingo.

The beauty of any certification on project management is that it focuses on communication as one of the most integral parts of a successful project. It does not about discussions and dialogue, It has all to do with clarity and closure. That is the rudimentary stage of productive project management communication. How to build communication is another dimension. However, we can provide some important tips that can easily be implemented.

Use a Project Management Keyword Matrix

The project management keyword Matrix will be used to define the lingo and the corresponding definitions. This way all the parties can comprehend how to shape and define an item. For example, in the shoe store example, the retail outlets were talking about shoe ID on the boxes sent and the head office was referring to the Item ID. Two different parameters.


Yes! Listen. Without productive listening, you cannot go far in terms of appreciating the other person view and delving into a conversation that has closure. It is highly recommended to bring forth a continuous growth of quality engagement through listening.  Quality listening is the key. In fact, in our surveys conducted over the years, listening is the number 1 reason how and why companies work hard to deliver quality results. The above project management steps will lead you to fostering a long-term relationship and building the quality communication that is a dire needs in today’s competitive project managementexecution.

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